Knowing About Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

09 Mar

When you are in a house project of remodeling, like for example the kitchen, there's a whole range of new kitchen cabinet designs, that are found in home depot stores, that are built as "ready-to-assemble," meaning that all of the cabinet parts have been cut to specific sizes and have been applied with finishing touches including drilled holes - all ready to be wrapped and shipped to your home. It is all a matter of choosing your choice of design of these pre-assembled cabinets and, also, your choice of quality material, as many RTA cabinets are manufactured according to the quality of materials, from the not-so-good ones but attractive to the very good ones and are equally attractive. All these can be found in kitchen showrooms of home depot, well-known home product stores, and even online. There is a list of websites that you can go over on cabinet suppliers with their product lines and customer services, in case more inquiries are directed on a specific RTA cabinet product. Visit this link for details.

When you are interested to purchase a RTA cabinet for your kitchen, the cost of choosing one varies according to the material of the cabinet, the kind of finish applied, the complexity of the design and the level of completing the cabinet. Basically, RTA cabinets the low cost ones are those with doors that you paint yourself, which are made of white melamine-coated particleboard cabinet boxes and drawers with flat panel doors. The expensive options are those cabinets that are made of veneered plywood boxes with hardwood frames, solid wood doors, and dovetailed drawers. For as long as the designs are not standard such that they come in unique sizes and with angular features, these ones do not come cheap.

There are two possible measures where you can save money when purchasing RTA cabinets. The first obvious measure is that since they are RTA, this means you save cost on labor charges as you will do the assembling together of its parts. The second measure is that shipment of RTA cabinets is less burdensome, since the parts are disassembled, so, therefore, these cabinets do not take much room in delivery transportation and can be immediately shipped in a short period of time. The costing of RTA cabinets are calculated by lineal foot which refers to the horizontal distance along all parts that fill-up a cabinet, such as both upper wall and bottom base. In general, the cost ranges from roughly $250 per lineal foot to $750 or more, depending on the material, design, and degree of completion of the cabinet parts. Check it out!

With respect to assembling RTA cabinets, there is a manual provided for the buyer to follow. The assembling is not as complex as the parts are already prepared and all it takes is a wood glue, wood dowels, screws, of which these come together with the parts. Maybe, the only tool needed for assembling is a screwdriver as the parts are pre drilled for attaching hardware and hinges.

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